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Lip Rejuvenation Palm Beach Gardens

Well defined lips with a healthy yet natural degree of fullness or volumne are considered youthful and sensual. While some are born with lips that lack fullness or definition, others experience these changes with age.

Signs of Lip Aging
  • “Smoker’s” lines
  • Lipstick bleed
  • Thinning or volume loss
  • Poor definition and/or flattening of lip edges
  • Loss of color
  • Flat philtrum (two vertical ridges between the upper lip and base of the nose)
  • Downturned lip edges due to loss of support
  • Indentations around the mouth

Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anita Mandal can improve the appearance of your lips with her advanced lip rejuvenation techniques. Numerous non-surgical options are available and give immediate results with minimal to no recovery. Click here to view Before and After photos of actual Lip Rejuvenation patients. Dr. Mandal encourages you to meet with her for a consultation to discuss the many ways in which lip rejuvenation can benefit you.

Benefits of Lip Augmentation
  • Soften fine lines around lips
  • Improve lipstick “bleed”
  • Lift downturned, droopy mouth corners
  • Filling of marionette lines of mouth corners
  • Increase volume of thin lips
  • Redefine lips with faded edges
  • Define a flat philtrum (the two vertical ridges between the nostril and upper lip)

These improvements range from temporary to long lasting, depending on the method used and choice of filler. During your consultation, Dr. Mandal will address your aesthetic needs to help you select the best lip enhancement options for you.

Lip Rejuvenation Treatment
  • Restylane Silk ® or Bellatero Balance
    • Softens fine lines around the mouth
    • Defines lip edges when injected in the fine pathway of the upper and lower lip vermilion
    • Defines the philtrum ridges
  • Restylane Refyne, Restylane Defyne and Juvederm
    • Improves lip fullness, deep smile lines and marionette lines
    • Lifts droopy mouth corners
    • Defines philtrum ridges
  • RADIESSE® or Bellafill
    • Fills in deep nasolabial folds lines and marionette lines
    • Lifts droopy mouth corners
  • Collagen
    • Treats fine lines; enhances lip definition,
  • Botox Cosmetic/ Dysport/ Jeuveau/ Xeomin
    • Treats fine lines of the upper and lower lip due to overactive muscle motion
    • Often used in combination with Restylane Silk for more effective filling and longer lasting results; this is an advanced treatment to be performed by an facial plastic surgeon who is an expert injector
  • Chemical Peel/ Laser Resurfacing
    • Improves fine lines and sun damage around the mouth
  • Permanent Makeup
    • Restores color and definition
    • Makes lips appear fuller

As a facial specialist, Dr. Mandal offers a broad range of advanced injectable techniques for lip augmentation. She injects the filler using a very fine needle after performing either a dental block using local anesthetic or mixing lidocaine directly with the filler to minimize discomfort. Treatments is usually complete in 10 to 30 minutes. Bruising is typically minimal and swelling can last one to several days. Depending on the injectable treatment used, patients can return to their everyday activities immediately or within a few days of their treatment. Contact Dr. Mandal’s office today for a lip rejuvenation consultation to determine the best options for you.