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Stem Cell Fillers Palm Beach Gardens

Unlike fat transfer, with stem cell injections for facial volume loss, the fat is micronized to separate out the stem cells from the remaining tissue. This leaves a highly concentrated stem cell harvest which is then combined with PRP or platelet rich plasma. PRP, taken as a quick blood draw from your forearm is mixed with the stem cell preparation. When this mixture is injected into the skin, PRP stimulates the stem cells to differentiate intocollagen-producing cells. 

Compared to the 50 percent retention rate of fat injections in which you can expect the end-result to be less than what you see initially, stem cell fillers seem to get better over time. The end result, where volumization tends to improve over time, can often be seen at approximately 120 days following initial injecting. Studies show that what you see 120 days after treatment improves compared to that at initial injection. Like fat transfer, stem cell fillers are a minimal invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia. Patients must have a good source of fatty tissue in order to supply sufficient stem cells. 

Whether you are a candidate for a temporary fillers, a 5-year filler like Bellafill® or stem cell fillers is best determined by a one-on-one consultation with a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who understands the intricate facial anatomy and function. 

Most of Dr. Mandal’s patients prefer Bellafill®, the 5-year filler, due to its longevity and convenience.