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Eyebrows Palm Beach Gardens

Eyebrow transplants are also hair transplants to the eyebrow area. While some patients are born with very thin to barely visible eye brows, other patient experience loss of eye brow with age. This thinning effect can also be the result of over plucking the eyebrows. Some patients undergo an eye brow transplant not because they experience hair thinning  but wish to adjust the shape of their brows by adding a more arched eye brow or perhaps they have too much of a gap between the brows and would like to add more hair in the inner brow area. The hair brow transplant procedure is performed just like a hair transplant. The difference is that a brow transplant takes much less time and has a shorter recovery. The skill of the transplant surgeon is key because the hair follicles must be inserted at an angle similar to the existing brow hairs.