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Treatments for Eyelid Aging

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Question: I just turned 50 and my eyes look so tired. What are my options for eyelid rejuvenation?I don’t want to look different. I just want to look rested and refreshed. Answer: There are various ways in which the eyelids… Read More »

Benefits of a Surgeon Injector

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Question: I have had filler treatments over the years and some were good but some were not. I see many scary-looking people with overblown cheeks and lips. I’m interested in Bellafill. Because Bellafill lasts 5 years, I prefer that a… Read More »

Endymed Vs Eyelid Lift Surgery: What Really Works?

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Question: I’ve been hearing about Endymed for eyelid rejuvenation because my eyes look tired. While I prefer not to have surgery, I wanted to know if Endymed actually works? I have hollowing of my lower eyelid with dark circles plus… Read More »

The Top Treatment for Puffiness Under The Eyes

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Question: I have puffiness under my eyes. It’s been getting worse with age. I am a happy person, but people often think I look sad or tired. I tried Botox and laser, but neither worked. Are there options that can… Read More »

Bellafill Vs. Restylane/ Juvederm/Voluma

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Question: I have had Restylane and Voluma in my cheeks and deep smile lines. I liked the results but they didn’t last long. How does Bellafill, the 5-year filler, compare? Answer: Restylane, Juvederm, and Voluma are all temporary fillers containing… Read More »

Combining Ellacor With Bellafill – The 5 Year Filler

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Question: I’ve heard good things about Ellacornon-surgical skin removal as a treatment for my sagging jowls. I also have hollow cheeks and deep nasolabial smile lines and was wondering if Ellacor can be combined with fillers like Bellafill which lasts… Read More »