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RF Microneedling (Infini RF, Genius RF, & Morpheus8) Palm Beach Gardens

What is Radiofrequency Microneedling?

Tiny needles are used to puncture the skin, resulting in the stimulation of collagen. This effect is supercharged when each needle also emits radiofrequency to additionally heat the skin.

Benefits of Radiofrequency Microneedling

A broad range of textural and aging skin concerns including sagging, stretch marks, large pores, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles can be treated with Radiofrequency Microneedling. The mechanical action of the needle combined with its heat activity can lift, firm, and tighten skin.

Dr. Mandal doesn’t invest in every latest trend without putting a considerable amount of research and testing into any device she offers her patients. Dr. Mandal selected the Infini Genius RF by Lutronic because of its superior results combined with the most advanced technology. As one of the early adopters of the Infini RF which was later upgraded to the Genius RF, the Infini Genius RF has stood the test of time.

Despite an endless number of “copycat” devices having flooded the aesthetics market, Infini RF/Genius RF is still the most superior RF microneedling device currently on the market.

As a “non-surgical facelift” that can lift and tighten sagging, the Infini Genius RF can simultaneously resurface fine lines, wrinkles, and aged skin texture as well as tighten and lift sagging skin with no downtime. Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF is a patented technology by industry leader, Lutronic, and fuses high-intensity focused radio-frequency (RF) with gold-plated micro-needle flow technology onto a fractional platform. This FDA-approved game changer can result in faster healing, more skin tightening, and higher safety than other radio-frequency devices.

Infini Genius RF Vs. Morpheus8

Infini RF and Genius RF distinguish themselves from other RF microneedling due to their superior effectiveness without prolonged downtime. The Infini Genius RF contains 49 gold-plated needles in the tip compared with 24 needles of the Morpheus8. With more insulated needles, Infini Genius RF delivers more energy to the tissues, producing a greater amount of skin tightening. The Infini Genius RF needles are also finer and more flexible, causing less epidermal skin injury, less risk for bruising, less bleeding, and fewer scratches which are often seen with Morpheus 8 treatments. Because patients of diverse skin types visit Dr. Mandal’s office for non-surgical skin tightening, the Infini Genius RF offers the ability to vary its depth and energy settings, providing a highly customizable treatment for each patient’s unique skin presentation.

Genius RF / Infini RF

Conditions Treated By Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF

  • Sagging or loose skin, age-related
  • Sagging skin due to weight loss*
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Aged or poor skin texture
  • Large pores
  • Acne scars
  • Traumatic scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Sagging ear lobes
  • Stretch marks

* If you are actively losing weight and fear that you may need a facelift to treat skin sagging, Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF can minimize the amount of laxity seen after weight loss. Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF can lift and tighten lax skin and counter the effects of sagging. When Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF treatments are started early enough and continued during the weight-loss period, it is possible to altogether avoid the need for a facelift as a result of weight loss.

Areas Treated

  • Face
  • Lower Face/Jawline
  • Brows
  • Neck
  • Chest/Décolletage
  • Earlobes
  • Peri-oral
  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen
Infini RF
Genius RF

Why Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF Is Superior

Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF is superior to most other skin tightening and resurfacing devices due to its unique, advanced technology. Controlled heating of the dermis layer of the skin causes collagen stimulation and contraction. When heated to 40-45C, new collagen is laid down whereas reaching the 65C range denatures collagen resulting in skin contraction and more visible results.

Most other cutaneous devices (Exilis, Venus Freeze, Pelleve, Viora Reaction, 3Deep RF, Accent XL, eMatrix, eTwo, TriPolar RF, ReFirm, Sublime, ePrime to name a few) cannot effectively heat the dermis without burning the skin surface or going too deep and causing fat necrosis. These devices can also have unpredictable heating so that when they don’t reach the effective temperature, no collagen stimulation occurs at all.

Most RF devices use bulk heating. In contrast, Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF uses fractional technology where only a fraction (approximately 1/3) of tissue is treated at one time. Fractional heating minimizes damage to surrounding tissues, resulting in faster healing, less downtime, much lower risk, and higher overall safety.

Many devices allow the clinician to go to a deeper tissue level. For instance, Ultherapy® is set to go as deep as 3.5 to 4mm. As patients age, their skin becomes thinner. A deeper treatment is not necessarily the best. When a device penetrates too deep, it can enter your facial fat and cause fat loss. This, in turn, can result in facial volume loss, making the face appear hollow and the skin laxer. The deepest I typically go with Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF is 2.5mm. After having performed over 1000 treatments, I have found the 2.5mm depth to be sufficient for skin tightening but not deep enough to cause facial volume loss.

Unlike other devices, Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF has greater predictability in tissue heating due to its insulated micro-needles which bypass the superficial skin layer that must remain cool and untreated. This patented technology enables precisely targeted heating of deeper dermis tissues to much higher temperatures for greater collagen remodeling, stimulation, and contraction.

Genius RF / Infini RF
Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF can give more lifted, tighter and firmer skin that is also smoother and more youthful.

How It Works

Your skin thickness varies across different areas of the face and neck. Additionally, different skin conditions are associated with different tissue depths. For example, fine lines develop at a more superficial skin level whereas sagging skin occurs in deeper tissue. Energy from the Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF is transmitted through 49 insulated gold-plated needle tips to a precise, predetermined level for optimal skin tightening and improvement of a broad list of other indications including acne scars, skin tightening, and wrinkles.

Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF works by causing micro-damage in the form of multiple mini-coagulation zones in the dermal skin layer. This leads to denaturing of collagen with the triggering of your body’s natural healing processes to stimulate collagen and elastin remodeling and re-growth with tissue tightening at the depth needed in the skin. This manner of energy delivery selectively targets the dermal skin layer while minimizing injury to the superficial dermis and epidermis, ultimately resurfacing the skin and, over time, making it firmer, smoother, and more even.

Dr. Mandal customizes the RF settings to fully control the depth and energy levels within your tissues in order to tailor treatment to the individual’s unique needs.

Candidates for Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF

  • Have mild to moderate skin sagging along the jawline, jowls, lower face and/or neck
  • Desire skin tightening but are not ready for surgery
  • Have already had a facelift and desire a touch-up without surgery
  • Want to maintain the results of their facelift or mini-facelift
  • Have fine lines or wrinkles
  • Have large pores
  • Have aged or poor skin texture
  • Have surgical or traumatic scars
  • Have acne scars
  • Want to minimize sagging skin after losing more weight

Contra-indications To Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF

  • Open wounds
  • Pacemaker or other electrical device
  • Active infection
Genius RF / Infini RF


While optional, most patients are placed on home-based skin nectar prior to treatment in order to prime the skin for enhanced collagen and elastin remodeling.

Dr. Mandal performs all of the Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF treatments on her patients rather than using a nurse or physician assistant. This personalized approach assures the professional attention and accuracy that her patients deserve for their rejuvenation needs. Prior to treatment, the skin is cleansed of any residual debris and makeup with a skin disinfectant. A very strong topical numbing agent is applied to the face, typically for 45 to 60 minutes. Topical anesthetic creme is then removed and the Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF is performed. While a typical full-face session includes the entire face and upper neck, the orbital area is excluded and cannot be treated with Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF. Treatment of the face and upper neck typically takes 20 to 30 minutes.

With Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF’s fractional technology, a series of 3 treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart to align with the rate of cell turnover, is needed. Typically, 3 sessions equate to a full treatment.

The majority of Dr. Mandal’s patients opt for topical application of growth factors to the face and neck immediately following treatment, in order to speed up healing but, more importantly, for enhanced results.

Results can also be better maintained with daily application of our No NonSense home-based skin regimens, including the Basic 3-Step Program as well as the 4-in-1 Precious Elixir Regimen.

Unlike C02 laser resurfacing which requires considerable after-care with dressings and a prolonged recovery, Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF has no downtime or dressings. While there are an average of 3 to 5 days of redness, make-up can be worn the next day to camouflage any redness. Most patients typically don’t experience notable swelling or bruising. The use of sunscreen is stressful and most routine activities can be resumed the next day.


Early signs of new collagen and elastin formation may be visible at 6-8 weeks. Continued improvements with skin contraction and tightening occurs over six months.

Maintenance Treatments

While the collagen and elastin laid down can last years, the skin continues to age. Single maintenance treatments are not required but are recommended. Their frequency is tailored to the individual patient’s needs after the initial set of 3. Patients who continue with single maintenance treatments at consistent intervals may never need to have the initial 3 series of Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF treatments again.

Adjuvant Treatments

Acne Scars

Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF has been one of the most successful treatments for acne scarring in Dr. Mandal’s practice. Patients with acne scars are amongst the most satisfied. Because most patients with acne scarring have previously had a variety of other treatments with minimal success, they are pleasantly surprised with the degree of improvement they get from Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF.

As patients with acne scars age and the skin becomes laxer, the scars tend to look more pronounced. Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF not only re-models collagen of scar-containing skin but also has the added benefit of skin tightening which further helps diminish the depth of acne scars. This dual function of tightening and resurfacing acne scars is especially beneficial in patients 35 years and older.

Not All Acne Scars Are The Same

In addition to Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF treatments, some patients have residual scars that are very deep requiring surgical excision of isolated scars. Injectable fillers can also treat residual deep scars by lifting their depressed base if they are not tethered to underlying tissue. Depending on the nature of your acne scars, some patients benefit from multi-modality therapy combining surgical excision, injectable fillers, and Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF for acne scars with a variety of different characteristics within the same patient. A skilled surgeon equally experienced with non-surgical modalities is the first step.

Advantages of the Genius RF / Infini™ RF Systems
  • Customizable depth and energy level to address specific skin needs at targeted tissue depths
  • Compatible with all skin types
  • 20-30 minute treatments
  • Little to no downtime
  • Superior results compared to traditional RF, microneedling devices and Ulthera
  • 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 treatments addressing multiple skin conditions
  • Precise targeting of the dermis
  • Can be combined with other rejuvenation options such as laser skin resurfacing and cosmetic injectables for enhanced results
  • Rapid healing and higher safety compared to most other cutaneous RF devices

Combination procedures

Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF can be combined with other rejuvenation procedures for enhanced results. Popular combinations include Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF:

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Alternate Lifting Procedures

For those patients who are open to surgery and desire more aggressive lifting, they can benefit from one of the following procedures. Since surgical procedures do not resurface the skin, Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF can still be used for resurfacing fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, and aged skin texture in patients undergoing rejuvenation surgery.

Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF Vs. Ulthera

Patients often inquire as to how Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF compares with Ultherapy. In Dr. Mandal’s practice, Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF has been superior for both skin tightening and resurfacing. There is even data to suggest that Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF can give up to 50,000 collagen stimulation zones as opposed to Ultherapy® which may only stimulate 10,000 collagen zones. The distinct differences between these 2 tightening devices is seen below.


  • Consists of ultrasound which stimulates less collagen at fewer, more fixed tissue depths
  • Is based on the incorrect premise that deeper penetration gives more lifting
  • Can cause facial volume loss due to entering too deep into the fat layer
  • Activates fewer collagen stimulation zones
  • Is more painful often requiring oral sedation
  • Patients are less willing to have repeat or maintenance treatments
  • 2nd treatments are less effective than 1st treatment
  • Has less precise tissue targeting

Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF features include:

  • Much more customizable power and depth settings due to tiny micro-needles that can be positioned at different tissue depths
  • A unique technology combining radio-frequency with micro-needle flow technology for more precise tissue targeting believed to give a stronger collagen response
  • Less chance of volume loss due to tissue-targeted depths
  • Greater patient comfort during treatment
  • Fractional technology for faster healing and higher safety
  • Use of a topical anesthetic creme rather than oral sedation
  • More specific tissue targeting with less bulk heat conduction
  • Precise control of tissue depth
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As a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mandal focuses on satisfying results that are very natural looking. When it comes to the face, patients prefer quality and excellence over price. They seek her skills from throughout Palm Beach County, across Florida and a range of national and international locations. To discover your options, request a consultation online or call 561-238-0040 at our Palm Beach Gardens office.