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Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic Delivery System for Pain and Anxiety Relief Palm Beach Gardens

The Latest Innovative Technology in Nitrous Oxide Delivery

Our patients absolutely LOVE the Pro-Nox™ Delivery System to help ease pain and anxiety. The patient decides when and how often to use the system for quick pain relief. Pro-Nox™ also allows for quicker recovery and gives the patient a sense of control over their experience.

You can use Pro-Nox™ for these cosmetic treatments: 

  • Bellafill
  • Botox
  • Other injectable fillers 
  • Ultherapy 
  • RF micro-needling 
  • Ellacor non-surgical skin removal
  • Eyelid lift
  • Mini-facelift
  • MyEllevate no-incision neck lift 
  • Most minimal invasive procedures
  • Most office-based surgeries

Benefits of PRO-NOX™ 50% O2/50% N2O Analgesia

  • Proven safe and effective globally for decades 
  • Patient administered, empowering patients to respond to their pain and anxiety as needed 
  • Quick onset, taking effect in seconds with near-immediate relief
  • Short duration as it clears from the body within minutes after ceasing use
  • Can be used for the duration of nearly any office-based cosmetic procedure where the patient has pain and anxiety
  • Speeds patient recovery allowing them to drive home after their procedure
  • Non-invasive, simple, and easy for patients to use
  • Improves patient satisfaction scores
  • Low cost for the patient 

If you are hesitant or anxious about having a cosmetic procedure, Pro-Nox™ may be the perfect solution for you! In addition to striving for the best aesthetic result, Dr. Mandal wants her patients to feel comfortable and confident during their cosmetic treatments. It is for this reason that she invested in the Pro-Nox™ Pain Management system for aesthetic procedures.

The Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System combines oxygen and nitrous oxide. Nitrous, also known as laughing gas or “happy gas”, is one of the oldest sedatives in medicine, dating back to over 150 years ago, and used around the world. Not only can “happy gas” be used alone but it can also complement and enhance the effects of local anesthetics like lidocaine.

Unlike oral medications like codeine and valium which can take a while to kick in and may not leave your body for many hours,  preventing you from driving home, Pro-Nox™ typically clears out of your system in 10 minutes allowing you to be awake, alert, and able to drive home on your own after a cosmetic procedure. 

Good candidates for Pro-Nox™ are patients who: 

  • Dislike taking long-acting oral drugs 
  • Want to manage their pain and anxiety level during a cosmetic procedure 
  • Desire to be alert after the procedure
  • Prefer to drive themselves home

What is Pro-Nox™ Used For?

Pro-Nox™ is popular not only for office surgeries but also for laser treatments, Botox, filler treatments, RF micro-needling, Ellacor, and more. Studies show that Pro-Nox™ is both effective and non-addictive during such a procedure and can provide superior comfort. With Pro-Nox™, the procedure itself becomes much more comfortable. Pro-Nox™ can sometimes even eliminate the need for numbing injections which can cause bruising. 

What is the Pro-Nox™ Nitrous delivery system?

The Pro-Nox™ delivery system was developed for use in aesthetic procedures as a unique inhalation tool allowing patients to control their own discomfort level while still allowing your doctor access to face or body areas for treatment. Pro-Nox™ is patient self-administered analgesia (for pain management) unlike standard anesthesia which can put you to sleep. With Pro-Nox™, patients are more relaxed but still awake and more comfortable during the procedure. 

How does Pro-Nox™ work?

The Pro-Nox™ Aesthetic System uses a 50:50 combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide. Nitrous Oxide allows you to feel relaxed and oxygen is keeping you breathing comfortably.

How long does Pro-Nox™ take to work?

Once the patient inhales a few breaths, it typically takes less than 20 seconds for the effect to be felt. 

How long does Pro-Nox™ effect Last?

The duration of relaxation and/or analgesia can last up to 5-10. Moat patients are awake and alert thereafter and feel comfortable driving home. 

Can I drive after the Pro-Nox™ treatment?

Yes, nearly all of our patients chose to drive home on their own after using Pro-Nox™. Patients are typically observed for 10-15 minutes after their Pro-Nox™ treatment to be certain that all gases have cleared out of their system. After the observation period, it is safe to operate any machinery.