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Jeuveau™ Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach County plastic surgeon Dr. Anita Mandal offers Jeuveau™ as a popular FDA-approved injectable treatment that quickly and effectively softens facial wrinkles, lines, and creases. In her Palm Beach Gardens practice, Dr. Mandal has found Jeuveau™ to be a botox variant that is just as effective as BOTOX® Cosmetic in her patients.


What Makes Jeuveau™ Unique?

Jeuveau™ differs from BOTOX® Cosmetic which has both medical and cosmetic treatment indications. Jeuveau™ was formulated specifically for cosmetic use. Jeuveau™ is also made using a unique purification process. It has a similar safety profile to other neuromodulators and has been shown to be equally effective. It is also known to last as long as a BOTOX® Cosmetic.


In a survey of >9,000 people treated with Jeuveau™:

88% were likely to recommend Jeuveau™ to a friend or family member.
94% were satisfied with their overall Jeuveau™ treatment.
95% believe results with Jeuveau™ are natural-looking.

A Rested and Refreshed Look

Dr. Mandal performs Jeuveau™ treatments on men as well as women who visit her in West Palm Beach. Patients’ ages range from the ’20s to 90’s. Jeuveau™ can soften dynamic facial lines, wrinkles, and creases that most often appear with aging as:

  • Lip lines or “smoker’s lines”
  • Bunching lower eyelid skin
  • Vertical neck bands
  • Horizontal neck creases
  • Fine lines under the eyes
  • Chin wrinkling, chin dimpling
  • Sad or droopy mouth corners
  • Asymmetric eyebrows
  • Nasal “bunny” Lines
  • Gummy smile

Dr. Mandal often combines Jeuveau™ with facial fillers, 4-D Liquid Face-lift, and lasers as well as a surgical facelift, brow lift, and other facial cosmetic surgery. Her patients who are not ready for more aggressive procedures including surgery can look youthful for years with the quick results and no downtime of Jeuveau™ treatments.

Safe, Simple Treatments

Whether you choose Jeuveau™ or another neuromodulator, the treatments are simple and safe. Jeuveau™ is not designed to fill in wrinkles. It works by temporarily relaxing the movement of the specific facial muscles it is injected into. Once the muscles are relaxed, they are unable to contract as intensely, resulting in the gradual softening of the overlying skin and wrinkles. A tiny needle is used to make a precise injection pattern specific to the area being treated. Injection patterns and dosages vary depending on the type of facial muscle treated. Treatments can take as little as 30 seconds and do not require anesthesia, enabling you to return to work and most routine activities after treatment.


Jeuveau Results

Desired changes from Jeuveau™ don’t happen immediately but can be seen within days to weeks. The effects typically last 3 to 4 months but can last longer with proper maintenance treatments.

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As a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mandal focuses on satisfying results that are very natural looking. When it comes to the face, patients prefer quality and excellence over price. They seek her skills from throughout Palm Beach County, across Florida and a range of national and international locations. To discover your options, request a consultation online or call 561-238-0040 at our Palm Beach Gardens office.