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Bellafill® Palm Beach Gardens

Tired of Refilling? It’s finally time to make the switch to a 5 year filler.


A Leading Bellafill Injector

Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anita Mandal is a BellaDiamond Injector in the top 1% of Bellafill® providers in the world. BellaDiamond injectors represent the pinnacle of experience and expertise with Bellafill® – the 5-year filler. As a Master Injector, Dr. Mandal has performed over 8,500 Bellafill® treatments since 2013. Because Bellafill® is a specialty filler requiring a high level of skill to perform, patients travel from all over Florida, across the country, and around the world for Dr. Mandal’s expertise with Bellafill®. With her artistic eye and technical finesse, she sculpts the face to give naturally beautiful 5-year results with Bellafill®. Our practice is located in sunny Palm Beach Gardens and we see patients from West Palm Beach, all over southern Florida, and the Miami Metropolitan area.

Dr. Mandal strives to provide the best Bellafill results in Palm Beach while always practicing patient safety. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, please contact us today. Below, we’ve included our guide to the procedure.

Bellafill Rebate Program

Bellafill Rebate for Dr Mandal's Patients only.Custom Rebate
Dr. Mandal’s Patients Only

What is Bellafill?

For the first time, there’s finally a long-lasting filler that produces safe, consistent results and lasts 5 years. Bellafill, with its microspheres that stimulate your body’s own natural collagen, was first approved by the FDA in 2006. Unlike temporary fillers which degrade quickly, the Bellafill® microspheres are made of PMMA, a relatively inert material resistant to the body’s rapid resorption processes. These stable microspheres can continuously remind your body to replenish its own collagen for years. As a popular alternative to short-term fillers, Bellafill® is used for the long-term volumization of cheeks, temples, receding chin, and weak jawline. It also helps dark circles under the eyes and has been highly effective in filling nasolabial folds and marionette lines as well as lifting droopy mouth corners. Additionally, Bellafill® can rejuvenate aged hands by restoring lost fat volume thus, diminishing the appearance of unsightly veins on the back of the hands. Bellafill® is also the only filler on the market that is FDA approved for the correction of acne scars.

What are the Popular Areas For Bellafill?

  • Nasolabial or “parentheses” lines (1)
  • Marionette or “puppet” lines (2)
  • Droopy mouth corners (3)
  • Shallow cheeks (4)
  • Submalar hollows (5)
  • Pre-auricular hollows (6)
  • Temple hollows (7)
  • Sagging outer eyebrow (8)
  • Under-eye circles (9)
  • Deep frown lines (10)
  • Forehead volume loss (11)
  • Receding chin (12)
  • The angle of the jaw and overall jaw-line
  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty (13)
  • Hands
  • Depressed scars
  • Acne Scars
  • Body

What are the Benefits of Bellafill® Over Temporary Fillers?

  • High safety profile
  • 5-year duration
  • The long-term filling comes from your body’s own collagen
  • Immediate results that can get even better over time
  • Natural looking results
  • Less maintenance
  • Placed in diverse facial areas
  • Used at different skin depths
  • High predictability and consistency
  • More cost-effective
  • Better financial investment
  • 83% patient satisfaction 5 years after initial treatments

Destination FACE

Bellafill® is predominantly available in the United States and a few other countries. Due to the small number of select BellaDiamond injectors who have expertise in giving a consistently superior, natural, and long-lasting look, patients travel across the globe for world-class Bellafill® results. Unlike temporary fillers, patients recognize the importance of using a Master Injector due to Bellafill’s 5-year duration. As a BellaDiamond Injector, in the top 1% of Bellafill® physician injectors in the world, Dr. Mandal treats patients from all over Florida, across the country, and around the world. Click Destination FACE to learn more. As a Master Injector and leading authority on Bellafill®, Dr. Mandal:

  • Is a BellaDiamond Injector in the top 1% of Bellafill® providers
  • Is Board Certified in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 
  • Has a practice exclusively focused on the face and neck
  • Is a Super-Specialist in minimally invasive facial rejuvenation, pre-juvenation, and facial contouring 
  • Has extensive experience with treatments using injection micro-cannulas
  • Uses multiple advanced injection techniques to optimize results
  • Has a boutique practice where she personally performs all Bellafill® treatments instead of using a nurse or assistant 
  • Has a talent for creating exceptionally natural results
  • Treats a diverse range of facial areas with Bellafill®, including nasolabial folds, marionette lines, cheeks, temples, pre-auricular area, chin, jawline, forehead, lower lid hollows, hands and other areas of the body

Bellafill® Builds Patient Loyalty

Once Dr. Mandal’s patients experience, firsthand, the unquestionable benefits of Bellafill®, many continue to return for more Bellafill® year after year. These additional treatments are not usually in the same areas already treated, but for additional facial areas where rejuvenation is desired. The loyalty that Dr. Mandal’s patients have to Bellafill® is unmatched by any temporary filler. After her patients complete their Bellafill® treatments in the face, many choose Bellafill® to rejuvenate their hands which can, otherwise, easily give away one’s true age.

The #1 Requested Injectable Filler

Bellafill’s superior combination of longevity, safety, and reliability, when administered by a Master Injector, is what makes this five-year filler the number one requested injectable filler in Dr. Mandal’s practice Palm Beach practice.


Why Choose A Master Injector for Bellafill?

As an artist, Dr. Mandal uses her aesthetic eye to create just the right balance and proportion to restore beautiful, youthful facial contours. Because Bellafill® is a specialty filler, effective facial volumization requires a highly-skilled, Master Injector who is well-versed in advanced injection techniques. Dr. Mandal has been a national educator and trainer for Bellafill®. She introduced Bellafill® to her practice in 2013 and has performed over 6000 treatments. She is also a BellaDiamond provider, a status awarded to a few select 1% of Bellafill® physicians in the world. BellaDiamond status represents the pinnacle of expertise, experience, and patient volume with regards to Bellafill®.

Bellafill Natural Results 

Patients not only desire to look better, but they also want to look natural. As both a woman and a plastic surgeon, Dr. Mandal appreciates that her patients don’t want to look different, overfilled, over-plumped, or show obvious signs of having a cosmetic procedure.

Dr. Mandal prioritizes a natural look for her patients with the Adequate Correction Rule, making improvements that are satisfying but neither overdone nor under-corrected. With Adequate Correction, the changes may seem dramatic to you but appear subtle to others who may notice that you look rested and refreshed as if you just returned from vacation.

There’s More Than One Way To Wear A Diamond


How long until you see results from Bellafill?

This is a question we often get from our West Palm Beach & Palm Beach Gardens Bellafill patients. While Bellafill® works by stimulating your body’s own natural collagen, unlike many other collagen stimulators, Bellafill® results are seen immediately following treatment.

Approximately half of Dr. Mandal’s patients note that their results look even better 6-9 months after treatment. This phenomenon also noted in the Bellafill® FDA trial, is thought to be due to Bellafill’s ongoing stimulation of your body’s own collagen.

How often do you need to get Bellafill?

Are you tired of refilling with temporary fillers such as Radiesse®, Juvederm®, Voluma®, Restylane® and Sculptra® which commonly require booster treatments every 6 to 12 months? Bellafill® does not require as frequent maintenance due to its predictable, ongoing stimulation of collagen.

What is the Satisfaction rate with Bellafill?

83% Satisfaction At 5 Years! If you’ve had fillers before, you know that whenever you have a temporary filler that lasts one year, in 6-7 months, 50% of it is typically resorbed by your body. As a 5 year filler, Bellafill® is uniquely different. The Bellafill® FDA study found that 83% of 1009 patients were still satisfied with their Bellafill® results even 5 years after initial treatment. Because the Bellafill® microspheres are made of an inert material, the body does not degrade it as quickly as it does other temporary fillers. These findings explain why most patients don’t worry about half of their Bellafill® disappearing in a few years. It’s also why patients don’t usually keep refilling with Bellafill®, unlike temporary fillers.

Is Bellafill Expensive?

The cost of getting Bellafill in West Palm Beach or neighboring towns will vary on a number of factors. Compared to temporary fillers, Bellafill® costs more upfront. However, because of its 5-year duration, it can be much more cost-effective over time. If you’re tired of the costs of frequent maintenance with temporary fillers, Bellafill® may be a great option for you.

How Does Bellafill Work?

Bellafill® contains tiny polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres suspended in a smooth collagen gel base plus lidocaine (for enhanced patient comfort). Upon injection, the collagen gel plumps and softens to give instant results. Over time, the PMMA microspheres create a “scaffold” onto which your body’s own natural collagen can develop, resulting in further improvement. This collagen formation adds volume to wrinkles, grooves and hollows, giving you natural results for up to 5 years.

Bellafill Injections

Rule of Adequate Correction

Many who opt for Bellafill® are tired of temporary fillers with frequent maintenance. The amount of Bellafill® you need is typically equivalent to the amount of temporary filler you would need. The main difference is that Bellafill® can be more natural-looking and get even better with time. One syringe of Bellafill® also seems to give slightly better correction than the same amount of temporary filler.

A less experienced injector has more difficulty getting 5-year results with Bellafill® for important reasons. As an experienced injector who has performed over 6000 treatments, Dr. Mandal can determine the accurate amount of Bellafill® each patient needs for a balanced, natural-looking result that lasts 5 years. Employing her Adequate Correction Rule, she places precise amounts of filler that are neither over-corrected nor under-done. If less Bellafill® is injected than needed for adequate correction, it is much less likely to last 5 years. For instance, if 5 syringes of Bellafill® will adequately correct volume loss in the malar cheeks, treating only with 3 syringes can lead to a 1 or 2-year result. In addition to using adequate amounts of filler, a superior injection technique must be utilized to achieve a 5-year result.

Each patient is also different and ages differently. The amount of Bellafill®, or any other filler, needed varies with age and the area(s) treated. Treatment takes an average of 10-20 minutes, being performed in a comfortable exam chair similar to other filler treatments.

# Syringes Increase With Age


# Syringes Vary with Facial Zone


Each patient is different. Individual results vary.

Average # Syringes Required Depends On Age and Facial Zone

  • Nasolabial folds 1-2 per side
  • Sagging Mouth Corners + Marionette Lines 1-2 per side
  • Lower Lid Hollows 0.5-1 per side
  • Malar Cheeks 2-2.5 per side
  • Temples 1-2.5 per side
  • Chin Crease 1-1.5 total
Bellafill Rebate Program

Bellafill Rebate for Dr Mandal's Patients only.Custom Rebate
Dr. Mandal’s Patients Only

Is Bellafill safe?

Bellafill® has demonstrated excellent effectiveness and safety in multiple clinical trials. Information provided by “Dr. Google” should be interpreted with caution and too often comes from less skilled injectors who lack experience with Bellafill®. There are numerous generic injectors, but only a select few Master Injectors understand the finesse of working with a 5-year filler, particularly when it comes to advanced facial contouring.

Bellafill‘s proprietary formulation is associated with more natural results and a much lower incidence of nodules and granulomas compared to many other fillers. The FDA trial showed a very low 1.7% incidence of granulomas, all of which resolved without aggressive treatment. Excluding clinical trial data, post-marketing surveillance for the 2007-2016 period showed that out of over 530,000 Bellafill® syringes distributed worldwide, the reported rate was even lower at 0.002%. Key technological innovations, largely responsible for Bellafill’s high safety profile and more even distribution of PMMA particles with less risk of clumping, include:

  • A positive electrostatic charge keeps PMMA particles evenly suspended in the solution
  • Smaller overall PMMA particle size
  • Greater particle uniformity of 30 to 50 microns

Advanced Techniques For A Comfortable Injection Experience

As a Master Injector, Dr. Mandal uses advanced, injection micro-cannulas for all of her Bellafill® treatments. These tiny, cannulas are thinner and less traumatic than the traditional needles commonly used for the injection of temporary fillers. Unlike needles, micro-cannulas also have a blunt tip with less shearing force and easy gliding, resulting in less tissue trauma. The greatest benefit comes from their tendency for less swelling during the actual injection process, enabling a Master Injector to deposit precise amounts of filler into very specific areas, giving more accurate results.

What are the Benefits of Injection Micro-Cannulas?

  • More precise injection deposits
  • Greater accuracy in results
  • Less tissue trauma
  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • Less pain during treatment
  • Less bruising post-procedure
  • Less swelling during injection and post-procedure
  • Faster healing
  • Shorter treatment times
  • Fewer needle marks
  • Less post-procedure redness
TSK Steriglide dermal filling cannula
TSK Steriglide dermal filling cannula
TSK Steriglide dermal filling cannula

For patients desiring added protection from the risk of bruising, we offer the Enhance post-injection serum with its patented TriHex technology to accelerate recovery as well as minimize bruising and swelling.

Alastin Skincare

Why get a Skin Test?

Bellafill® contains PMMA microspheres and bovine collagen. The PMMA crystal, which lasts 5 years, is an inert material not shown to have hypersensitivity. The bovine collagen in Bellafill® has a very small chance of a hypersensitivity but is absorbed by the body within 2-3 months. A skin test, administered in the forearm, is available to assess for hypersensitivity to bovine collagen. While all of Dr. Mandal’s patients are counseled on the option of having a skin test, the vast majority of them waive the skin test. Having performed thousands of Bellafill® injections since 2013, Dr. Mandal has not come across a patient with a hypersensitivity reaction.

Bellafill Rebate Program

Bellafill Rebate for Dr Mandal's Patients only.Custom Rebate
Dr. Mandal’s Patients Only

*Bellafill® Custom Rebate Program

As a BellaDiamond Physician, Dr. Mandal has partnered with Suneva Medical, the maker of Bellafill®, to offer her patients a custom rebate.

Offer Only Good For Dr. Mandal’s Patients.

*Other restrictions apply. Contact our office for details.

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What to Expect on the Day of Bellafill Treatment?

Like temporary fillers, Bellafill® treatments take 15 to 30 minutes and are performed with the patient sitting upright in a treatment chair. Dr. Mandal utilizes different treatment approaches to achieve aesthetically precise and natural results. Patients seeking pan-facial pre-juvenation or pan-facial rejuvenation where smaller amounts of Bellafill® are placed throughout the face to restore overall facial balance, harmony, and a youthful appearance typically complete the entire treatment in a single session of less than an hour. Patients needing large amounts of Bellafill® in a small, isolated area, may require 1 or 2 sessions where the first treatment is conservative, giving up to 70 to 80% of full correction with the remaining 20-30% completed at a second session.

BellaDiamond Summit, San Diego, March 2017
Dr. Mandal in attendance at the BellaDiamond Summit, San Diego in March 2017 with current CEO, Pat Atavilla and past CEO, Preston Romm, of Suneva Medical, the manufacturer of Bellafill®. The BellaDiamond Summit honored the top 1% of Bellafill® injectors in the world of which there are less than 25 physicians.

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Bellafill® FAQ’s

What is the difference between Bellafill® and Artefill?

In 2014, the official name of Artefill was changed to Bellafill®. Bellafill® and Artefill are the same product.

Is Bellafill® the same as Artecoll or Arteplast?

No. Arteplast and Artecoll have been used in Europe. Bellafill® is a completely different formulation and is highly safe in contradistinction to Artecoll and Arteplast which are not available in the United States. The FDA first approved Bellafill® in 2006.

How Does Bellafill® Differ from Sculptra® and Radiesse®?

While both Radiesse® and Sculptra® can stimulate collagen, Radiesse® only lasts one year and Sculptra® can lasts 2 years if booster treatments are given annually. Bellafill® not only last 5 years but also has more predictable and consistent collagen stimulation.

If you’ve lost collagen with aging, does your body even have enough collagen left for Bellafill® to stimulate?

Yes! In fact, you have collagen throughout your face and body, regardless of age. With age, the collagen turnover rate slows down so we have a higher percentage of aged or dead collagen. Bellafill® stimulates your body’s own collagen to give you a higher percentage of younger, newer collagen, resulting in the plumping and filling of lines, wrinkles, and hollows.

Is Bellafill® permanent?

No. Bellafill® lasts 5 years.

If you’ve had temporary fillers, do you need to wait for them to completely dissolve before having Bellafill® in the same area?

Typically, you do not need to wait til your other fillers dissolve. If you currently have visibly deep lines, wrinkles or volume loss, Bellafill® can be used for treatment. Bellafill® is not injected into the previous filler, but rather it’s placed into the remaining tissues that were not fully corrected by the prior filler.

If I am allergic to Lidocaine, can I still have Bellafill®?

Bellafill® contains a small amount of lidocaine. Lidocaine allergies are very rare. Many patients who claim to have a lidocaine allergy at, for example, the dentist’s office, more likely had an accidental injection of lidocaine into a blood vessel, causing symptoms of lightheadedness, sweats, etc. If you have a true lidocaine allergy, you cannot be treated with any product containing lidocaine, including Bellafill®. Verify your history with your doctor to be sure you have a true lidocaine allergy.

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As a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mandal focuses on satisfying results that are very natural looking. When it comes to the face, patients prefer quality and excellence over price. They seek her skills from throughout Palm Beach County, across Florida and a range of national and international locations. To discover your options, request a consultation online or call 561-238-0040 at our Palm Beach Gardens office.