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Male Plastic Surgery Palm Beach Gardens

Plastic surgery is no longer just for women. Times have changed considerably with cosmetic procedures being much more socially acceptable and quite common in men. Today, men of all ages, professions and socioeconomic backgrounds are seeking cosmetic enhancement. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found a staggering increase in male cosmetic surgery which was up nearly 30% since the year 2000. In more recent years, there has especially been a surge in men seeking minimal invasive facial rejuvenation and pre-juvenation.

Male Plastic Surgery

While aging often makes a woman’s face look harder, it can actually feminize a man’s face making it more unnatural looking. As an artist and a plastic surgeon, Dr. Mandal addresses key aesthetic features that are specific to the male face to help preserve a rejuvenated yet masculine facial appearance.

As a specialist in the face and one of the top plastic surgeons in South Florida, Dr. Mandal has an eye for detail which, combined with her technical expertise, is the reason many men undergo cosmetic procedures at her Palm Beach Gardens practice. Men are increasingly aware of the importance of having the right expert work on their face. More and more men are also traveling the distance for a skilled Facial Plastic Surgeon who exclusively specializes in the face and neck and offers advanced techniques to give aesthetically superior results that are exceptionally natural looking.

Dr. Mandal has a gender-conscious, individualized approach, taking into consideration mens’ tendency for thicker skin, beard growth and differences in facial structure. Men’s aging patterns also differ from women as do their goals.

Reasons Men Seek Cosmetic Procedures

Guys are finding it easier to admit they would like to improve their physical appearance, not merely by going to the gym, but also through facial contouring, pre-juvenation and pan-facial rejuvenation procedures. Men are more open to and focused on cosmetic procedures now than ever before for a variety of reasons:

  • They desire softer, smoother skin as opposed to the overly rugged, weathered look of the past
  • The challenging job market can give men a competitive edge by looking more youthful and attractive
  • With more mature men becoming single later in life, plastic surgery can offer added confidence when reentering the dating market
  • Men who are in the public eye are more aware of their appearance and public image
  • Men, nowadays, are more often motivated by the women in their life to seek cosmetic procedures
Male Plastic Surgery

The aging process can take it’s toll on a man’s face. Common aging concerns expressed by men include:

  • Downturning of the mouth corners, giving a sad appearance
  • Sagging eye brows and deep frown lines between the brows making one look angry
  • Hollowing of the cheeks giving a gaunt appearance
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Heaviness of the eyelids associated with a tired look
  • Sagging along the neckline leading to a more feminized lower face and neck
  • Hair loss that can lead to areas of baldness
  • Deep creases and facial folds
  • Loss of a chiseled jawline

Due to increased social acceptance, male facelift surgery is on the rise along with the following popular plastic surgery procedures in men:

Male Plastic Surgery

Men especially don’t like downtime. In addition to surgery, popular minimal invasive cosmetic procedures sought by men include:

  • Botox®
  • Temporary Fillers
  • Bellafill® – the 5 year filler (link) for volumization of the nasolabial smile lines, cheeks and lower lid hollows; lifting of the mouth corners and stronger definition of the jawline
  • Pan-facial Rejuvenation
  • Pre-juvenation
  • SculpSure non-invasive fat reduction for abdomen and waistline
  • Genius RF / Infini RF non-surgical facelift to tighten sagging skin of lower face and neck
  • Kybella® for treatment of double chin
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As a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mandal focuses on satisfying results that are very natural looking. When it comes to the face, patients prefer quality and excellence over price. They seek her skills from throughout Palm Beach County, across Florida and a range of national and international locations. To discover your options, request a consultation online or call 561-238-0040 at our Palm Beach Gardens office.