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Non-Incision Neck Lift (MyEllevate™ ) Palm Beach Gardens

MyEllevate™ Percutaneous Neck Lift


At our boutique practice in Palm Beach Gardens, non-surgical neck lift using MyEllevate is a treatment we offer patients in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and all over South Florida. A defined, angular jawline with a slender neck is universally desirable. The jaw and neckline are also the same areas that often show early aging. As one of the top facelift surgeons in Palm Beach, Dr. Mandal uses the MyEllevate™ technology as part of her Percutaneous WhisperLift™. MyEllevate™ is an innovative, non-surgical rejuvenation procedure used for patients with mild to moderate sagging along the jaw and neckline. What makes MyEllevate™ unique is that it addresses sagging muscles and glands of the neck. To date, no other minimally invasive technology exists to effectively treat the underlying neck structures percutaneously through the skin without incisions or open surgery.


What are the Benefits of a Non-Incision Neck Lit (MyEllevate™)

There are multiple benefits to getting a non-surgical neck lift in Palm Beach Gardens or West Palm Beach. We’ve included several below:

  • Can give a well-defined neck and jawline contour
  • Quick results
  • Long-lasting results
  • A subtle, natural look
  • Convenient, in-office procedure
  • Minimal downtime
  • Faster healing, often with only mild bruising or swelling
  • Performed under local anesthesia often in one hour
  • Less painful than surgery
  • Less costly than surgery
  • No Incisions or suture closure; self-healing percutaneous micro-openings

Who are the Best Candidates for a Non-Incision Neck Lift?

Patients with early aging who are not yet ready for a facelift as well as patients who previously had facelift surgery and desire a fine-tuning without aggressive surgery commonly choose the MyEllevate™ procedure. Good candidates include patients with:

  • Early aging of the neck and jawline
  • Pronounced neck glands under the chin
  • Mild skin laxity
  • Excess submental fullness or double chin
  • Vertical neck bands (turkey neck)
  • Poor jawline contour

What to Expect on the Day of Your Non-Incision Neck Lift?

MyEllevate™ uses a patented, light-guided suture suspension system that allows the surgeon to elevate tissue and muscle without aggressive or invasive surgery. Dr. Mandal weaves a single permanent MyEllevate™ suture beneath the skin along the entire neck and jawline. Instead of multiple, individually knotted sutures used to anchor tissues to specific points as in a neck lift, 2 strands of MyEllevate™ are placed to form a single continuous loop extending from behind each ear all the way underneath the chin and back of the jawline to support and shape the neck as well as suspend the underlying muscle and glands. Instead of making skin incisions, the MyEllevate™ suture is passed percutanously through micro-openings made in the skin with a special device, enabling the openings to self-heal without the need to remove sutures or noticeable scars.

Dr. Mandal then ties the suture to lift and pull back underlying glands and muscles responsible for sagging. This can give a more precise, re-contouring of the neck and jawline. This permanent, FDA-cleared suspension suture technique is associated with less swelling, less bruising, and no visible scarring compared to a facelift, neck lift, or mini-facelift.

The benefits of MyEllevate™ are amplified when it is coupled with 1) FaceTite™ or PrecisionTx™ to tighten residual lax skin and further contour the neck and jawline by removing excess fat and 2) the use of percutaneous suture to transect anterior platysmal neck bands. The entire procedure, described as the Percutaneous WhisperLift, is typically performed under local anesthesia without any IV’s. MyEllevate™ with platysmal transection typically takes no more than an hour to perform. When paired with FaceTite™ or PrecisionTx™, another 45 minutes is added to the procedure. This combination of MyEllevate™, PrecisionTx™ or FaceTite™ and percutaneous platysmal transection is referred to as Dr. Mandal’s Percutaneous WhisperLift™.

In good candidates, the Percutaneous WhisperLift™ can give results with a quality similar to that of traditional facial rejuvenation surgery but without the scars or downtime.

MyEllevate Procedure Animation

MyEllevate Division of Bands Demonstration

Non-Incision Neck Lift Results

Patients typically need to wear a strap under the chin for a few days. Swelling and bruising are typically mild. Some patients experience a tight feeling or dimpling in the days immediately after the procedure, but these effects resolve on their own. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise should be avoided for at least 2 weeks.

Patients can see immediate results after the MyEllevate™ procedure. When combined with PrecisionTx™ or FaceTite™ and percutaneous platysmaplasty, enhanced definition of the neck angle as well as additional skin tightening occurs gradually over about 6 months as new collagen forms. Once the minimal bruising and swelling dissipate, results can be even more pronounced.

MyEllevate Results

MyEllevate™ Vs. Thread Lift

Some people confuse MyEllevate™ with thread lifts. It’s important to note that MyEllevate™ is distinctly different from a thread lift. A thread lift is a temporary thread placed within the skin layers to give a very superficial lift to the cheeks and jowls. Due to the temporary nature of absorbable PDO threads, they usually have to be repeated every 6-9 months to maintain results. Unlike MyEllevate™, thread lifts are placed within the skin layer itself. Thread lifts do not address underlying muscles and are typically ineffective for the neck. They are only designed to temporarily support the skin. In contradistinction, the MyEllevate™ suture is a permanent braided polyester suture. It works by creating a supportive sling in the form of a continuous loop placed deep into the skin, underneath the jawline, to address underlying muscles as well as glands for a more defined neck and jawline. MyEllevate™ is placed deeper than a thread using the ICLED® lighted guided Suture Rod system.

MyEllevate™ Vs. Necklift

MyEllevate™ is a non-surgical procedure that is much less invasive than a standard neck lift. For patients with mild to moderately lax skin of the lower face or neck, the MyEllevate™ procedure can be an optimal alternative to a facelift or neck lift, especially when combined with FaceTite or Precision Tx and percutaneous platysmaplasty. With MyEllevate™, there is no open elevation, no skin incisions, less swelling, and less bruising. Unlike the aggressive anesthesia needed for more invasive procedures, MyEllevate™ is typically performed under local anesthesia without IVs. Because MyEllevate™ does not involve the removal of skin, there are no incisions and no sutures to remove.

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Our West Palm Beach & Palm Beach Gardens non-surgical neck lift patients have been thrilled with the results. With a traditional neck lift, prominent platysmal neck bands are treated by making an incision under the chin, the surgical elevation of the anterior neck skin, trimming of lax bands, and tightening of the bands with a corset suture. Loose neck skin is treated by making incisions behind the ears and around the earlobe followed by open elevation of skin with anchoring of underlying muscle and glands using multiple sutures. Loose skin is then excised and incisions are closed with suture removal between 7-10 days. IV sedation or general anesthesia is often required with much more downtime, swelling, and bruising compared to MyEllevate™.