• Anita Mandal M.D.

    Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

A Surgeon's Skill, An Artist's Soul, A Woman's Compassion

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Real Patient Stories Palm Beach Gardens

Patients are the dynamic, driving force of our practice. They travel to see Dr. Mandal for her expertise from nearly every part of Florida, all over the country and around the world. Many have become life-long patients, making multiple visits a year, and are considered part of the extended family. We greatly appreciate and value each of every one of our patients.  Below are some of their real stories and perspectives which they were kind enough to share. We hope these testimonials will give you an idea of what our patients value most.

5 Stars

-Christine W.
West Palm Beach, Florida

"Thank you so much, Dr. Mandal, for your perfectionism and aesthetic vision. I’m most impressed with all you’ve done for me."

5 Stars

-Carolyn B.
Auckland, New Zealand

"It’s been 6 months since my surgery and my results look fabulous. The next time I need face work, I will make the trip again to see Dr. Mandal. I completely trust her."

5 Stars

Bal Harbour, Florida

"I had to take a moment to let you know how happy I am with my WhisperLift. I had a date with a man considerably younger than me. He couldn’t believe how young I looked."

5 Stars

Naples, Florida

"I wanted to take a moment to tell you that I was pleased with the “4-D Liquid Face-lift”. I’ve had fillers before but no one has done a job as good as you."

5 Stars

Jupiter, Florida

"So I thank you for exercising your magic and your expertise on me. Please know that I would highly recommend you to anyone, gal or guy, who would like to push back at the aging process."

5 Stars

Vancouver, Canada

"Comparing photos a year ago, I look much better, but in a very subtle way. Recently attended a wedding and got lots of compliments."

5 Stars

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

"I went back to work after 10 days. All I heard from my fellow co-workers were ‘You look so rested and your skin looks so great!’ No one ever mentioned that I must have had surgery. They just kept looking at me and saying ‘you look great!"

5 Stars

West Palm Beach, Florida

"Dr. Mandal’s attention to detail is outstanding as are her surgical skills. She is very articulate and exact in her practice. She is very personable which allows one to develop a comfort zone, fully confident that any and all services she implements will be successful."

5 Stars

Delray Beach, Florida

"I immediately liked the idea of consulting with a woman surgeon who specialized in the face and neck and was not doing breast augmentations and tummy tucks most of the time."

5 Stars

Palm Beach, Florida

"She is very professional, and does not try to sell you treatments that would not be advantageous to your particular situation. She is also very skilled in my estimation."

5 Stars

Phoenix, Arizona

"I am very happy with the outcome. I look younger and very natural. A good friend of mine is an esthetician who sees a lot of women after their surgery. Her comment was that ‘Dr. Mandal did a beautiful job."

5 Stars

-Drew L.
Delray Beach, Florida

"I was very impressed with Dr Mandal’s knowledge and ethical behavior to recommend what is best for the patient and not what was the best for revenue. Additionally, I am very pleased with the results from the less invasive procedure. Well done Dr. Mandal!!"

5 Stars

-Julia C.
Wellington, Florida

"I’m especially pleased that I still look natural after all the work she’s done. Without my friends even knowing that I actually had any work done, they frequently comment on the youthful texture of my skin and tell me how rested I look."

5 Stars

-Dorothy H.
Sydney, Australia

"I've had several treatments from her over the years. I've even left her temporarily to go other doctors closer to where I live, only to end up returning back to Dr. Mandal since NO ONE comes even close to her talent level as a plastic surgeon."