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Ellacor® Dermal Micro-Coring™ Palm Beach Gardens

The “Natural Facelift Alternative”

What is Ellacor?

The Ellacor system is an FDA-cleared innovative technology that removes microscopic cores of skin without surgery or scarring in 30-minute sessions. Because the dermal micro-cores are so tiny with only a fraction of the skin being treated per session, patients can heal quickly without scarring. Whatever is in the cores of skin – whether it’s loose skin, wrinkles, or crepey skin, is removed. This unique dermal micro-coring device can rejuvenate the skin of the face and neck lift, resulting in wrinkle softening, skin smoothing, lifting, and tightening.

Dr. Mandal provides Palm Beach patients with Ellacor in a safe environment. Dr. Mandal is one of the top Ellacor providers in the US, having performed the treatment with success on countless patients over the last several years. If you’re in the West Palm Beach or Palm Beach Gardens area and are interested in Ellacor, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

How does Ellacor® work?

This novel treatment non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment also referred to as fractional micro-excisional skin removal, uses hollow needles to precisely remove between 6,000 and 12,000 tiny “microcores” of excess skin, without surgery or thermal energy. The mechanical handpiece methodically moves across the treatment area, creating micro-cores in a grid-like pattern within each 10mm x 10mm square area in less than 3 seconds. For every core made, a specialized micro-vacuum system provides suction to immediately remove the skin from the hollow needles.

These dermal micro-cores extend through the full thickness of the skin, but are so small – less than 1/2 millimeter in diameter – that they don’t leave a scar. Bridges of normal untreated skin are left between the micro-cores, to allow skin contraction and a lifting effect as well as to promote rapid healing of the cores which often begin to close as patients are leaving the office.

Up to 8% of skin volume can be removed in a single treatment session, giving a noticeably smoother and tighter appearance once healed. Patients are awake but numbed with local anesthesia consisting of lidocaine. Two half-hour sessions one month apart are typically needed. Some patients may need additional sessions depending on their aging process.

Who are the best candidates for Ellacor?

Patients with mild to moderate loose or sagging skin, fine lines, crepey skin, and/or wrinkles can benefit from Ellacor micro-coring in West Palm Beach & Palm Beach Gardens. Ellacor can be used in younger patients with early signs of aging and who are not yet ready for a facelift or more aggressive treatment. Ellacor can also be used on mature patients who have previously had a facelift and want to tweak or maintain their surgical results.

What areas does Ellacor treat?

  • The skin above and below the lips
  • Deep nasolabial folds
  • Marionette or “puppet lines”
  • Cheek wrinkles
  • Sagging along the jawline
  • Loose neck skin
  • Chin wrinkling

What are the Benefits of Ellacor?

There are multiple benefits of getting Ellacor in Palm Beach. Dr. Mandal as successfully performed the procedure on hundreds of patients. Below are some of the advantages of the treatment.

  • Permanent
  • Non-surgical
  • No scarring
  • Can be combined with other skin rejuvenation treatments to further enhance results
  • Quick 30-minute treatment
  • No post-procedure dressings
  • No post-procedure pain medications

How Ellacor™ compares to other devices

Because it does not use thermal energy, Ellacor is not a CO2 laser or radio-frequency. Additionally, the Ellacor system is not a micro-needling device. Ellacor should be performed by a licensed facial plastic surgeon and not an aesthetician or medical assistant.

Ellacor Recovery

Patients can typically drive home immediately following treatment. Aftercare typically consists of Aquaphor ointment applied to the treated areas to keep the micro-cores covered and facilitate healing. Once the cores are fully closed, makeup can typically be worn 3 days after the procedure.

Ellacor Results

While early improvements can be seen after a few weeks, more significant changes are noted at 90 days with final results seen at about 6 months after the treatments. Patients may note lifting and tightening of lax skin and/or smoothing of wrinkles, fine lines, or crepey skin. Unlike the pulled or stretched appearance of some facelifts where large sheets of skin are excised, the results from Ellacor are very natural due to the micro-coring technology.

Ellacor™ Before and After Photos

No promise of guarantee is implied. Individual results vary.

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Alternate Lifting Procedures

For those patients who are open to surgery and desire more aggressive lifting, they can benefit from one of the following procedures. Since surgical procedures do not resurface the skin, Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF can still be used for resurfacing fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, and aged skin texture in patients undergoing rejuvenation surgery.

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As a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mandal focuses on satisfying results that are very natural looking. When it comes to the face, patients prefer quality and excellence over price. They seek her skills from throughout Palm Beach County, across Florida and a range of national and international locations. To discover your options, request a consultation online or call 561-238-0040 at our Palm Beach Gardens office.