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FaceTite™ / PrecisionTx™ Palm Beach Gardens

Minimal Invasive Neck and Lower Face Tightening

PrecisionTx™ / Facetite™

If you’re not quite ready to take the leap into plastic surgery, dramatic improvement can be achieved with minimally-invasive skin tightening using either PrecisionTx™ or FaceTite™.

PrecisionTx™ involves inserting a very thin tube under the skin and threading a laser fiber through it in order to directly deliver laser energy that disrupts fat cells in the neck and chin, melting them away to create a slimmer, firmer jawline. PrecisionTx™ also delivers energy to the undersurface of the skin to tighten skin more aggressively than non-surgical skin tightening devices. It does this by way of 2 separate mechanisms. The first is immediate skin contracture from the heat of the laser. The second effect occurs via laser stimulation of collagen, resulting in further tightening over a period of months so that results further improve with time.

FaceTite™ is another non-surgical option that involves creating tiny pinpricks in the skin so that radiofrequency energy can be administered via an internal electrode. FaceTite™ also eliminates fat and tightens the skin of the neck and jaw simultaneously.

Both PrecisionTx™ and FaceTite™ can provide similar results to open liposuction and a surgical neck lift procedure but serve as a minimal-invasive alternative with less downtime. While the results of these neck tightening procedures may be more subtle than surgery, both can deliver a noticeable reduction of fatty pockets and a firmer, tighter appearance of skin that so many men and women desire, without the downtime or risks of a traditional neck lift, mini-facelift or standard facelift.

Neck Tightening Vs. Surgical Necklift

Neck tightening is more suitable for patients with mild to moderate sagging in the neck or lower face. The best candidates include:

  • Younger patients with mild to moderate skin laxity in the neck and/or lower face
  • Mature patients who have previously had facelift surgery and a desire touch-up without aggressive surgery
  • Patients who have skin laxity but desire more subtle results than facelift surgery

PrecisionTx™ / FaceTite™ Vs Necklift

PrecisionTx™ and FaceTite™ offer significant advantages over neck lift surgery. With a neck lift, larger incisions are placed behind the ears, around the earlobe, and sometimes under the chin. A skin flap is elevated and excess fat pockets are liposuctioned. Numerous tacking sutures are placed to lift and reposition underlying SMAS. Excess skin is removed with artful redraping of skin over the newly created facial contours. IV sedation or general anesthesia is typically required. Compared to PrecisionTx™ / FaceTite™, a neck lift is more aggressive with higher risks. Recovery is significantly longer. Incisions are much bigger, requiring the placement of many more sutures.

PrecisionTx™ / FaceTite™ Vs. Infini™ RF / Genius™ RF

Since both PrecisionTx™ and FaceTite™ as well as Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF work by stimulating collagen to cause skin tightening, many patients ask what the difference between these 2 categories of devices is. Genius™ RF /Infini™ RF stimulates collagen within the superficial and medium skin layers to tighten and lift. While PrecisionTx™ / FaceTite™ also works by stimulating collagen, they treat the deep skin on its undersurface by surgically passing the fiber under the skin through 1cm openings under the earlobe and chin. The additional benefit of PrecisionTx™ / FaceTite™ is that these devices remove submental fat under the chin without the need for liposuction. PrecisionTx™ / FaceTite™ can be combined with Genius™ RF / Infini™ RF to treat the superficial, medium, and deep skin layers to achieve more significant tightening.