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Destination FACE™ Palm Beach Gardens

Return Home Looking More Beautiful

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Destination FACE
The Ultimate Destination

Have you ever wondered what the ultimate destination is? What if you could recharge your batteries mentally and emotionally and, at the same time, rejuvenate physically and aesthetically. Imagine that you arrive in town and are transported to our state-of-the-art facility. With the artistic vision, technical finesse and exacting eye of a true expert, your FACE is transformed into a naturally beautiful version of itself. The fact that Destination FACE™ happens to be in the Palm Beaches, amongst the world’s most famous coastal resorts, is an extra perk allowing you to recuperate confidentially and in luxury. Upon returning home, everyone notices how refreshed you look. No one has the slightest idea what went on behind closed doors. Unlike previous trips, this one leaves a timeless memory. Each time you look in the mirror, your reflection reveals an elevation of your face to its naturally beautiful state – one that is more youthful, rested, refreshed. As a true departure from the traditional run-of-the-mill approach to facial rejuvenation, Destination FACE™ could be your most rewarding and unforgettable getaway.

Dr Mandal's Office

Anita Mandal M.D. is an American Plastic Surgeon practicing in Palm Beach County, Florida. As a Super-Specialist and respected authority in the face and neck for over 20 years, she is part of a select group of plastic surgeons with Dual Board Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as Head and Neck Surgery. With a premiere boutique practice exclusively focused on minimal invasive rejuvenation, pre-juvenation and facial contouring, she is known for her aesthetically superior results that are exceptionally natural looking.

Patients travel from all over Florida, across the country and around the globe for Dr. Mandal’s world-class results. While some are public figures and celebrities, many are every day men and women seeking a very specific level of expertise which they are unable to find closer to home.

Destination FACE™ Procedures

Patients travel to see Dr. Mandal for a wide range of facial cosmetic treatments, surgical as well as minimal invasive. Some of the most popular Destination Face™ Procedures include:

  • Destination Bellafill®
    -Minimal Invasive, Non-Surgical
    -All ages
    -Same day or next day treatments available allowing you to fly back home the next day
  • Destination Pan-Facial Rejuvenation
    -Minimal Invasive, Non-Surgical
    -Mid 30’s, late 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.
    -Same day or next day treatments available allowing you to fly back home the next day
  • Destination Pan-Facial Pre-Juvenation
    -Minimal Invasive, Non-Surgical
    -Ages 20’s to mid 30’s
    -Same day or next day treatments available allowing you to fly back home the next day
  • Destination Eyelid Lift
    -Minimal Invasive
    -All ages
    -4 to 5 day stay post-surgery.
  • Destination WhisperLift
    -Minimal Invasive
    -All ages
    -3 to 7 day stay, depending on type of WhisperLift
Destination FACE™ Patients

Domestic and International
The markers on the map show cities all over the world that men and women have travelled from, for Dr. Mandal’s expertise, advanced techniques and aesthetically superior yet natural results. While some come for surgery, others seek a minimal invasive approach.

Patient Map
Destination FACE™ Testimonials
The Destination FACE™ Experience

With medical tourism on the rise, patients are traveling long distances for a first class experience that will meet their particular aesthetic needs. While our Destination FACE patients come from diverse backgrounds and all age groups, what they have in common is a desire for a more personalized one-on-one approach, superior results and a high level of expertise with specific procedures. Having a boutique practice, Dr. Mandal offers a concierge experience with:

  • A 100% focus on the face and neck.
  • Aesthetically superior results that are exceptionally natural looking.
  • Expertise in advanced techniques for minimal invasive facial augmentation and contouring, pre-juvenation and pan-facial rejuvenation.
  • Select procedures not performed by most other plastic surgeons.
  • Each consultation and treatment being a direct, one-on-one appointment with Dr. Mandal.
  • Quality time spent with each patient taking precedence over patient volume.
  • Each patient’s face is treated as a unique canvas which is individually tailored with an artistic eye, exacting precision and technical finesse.
  • Personally performing all treatments, surgical and minimal-invasive.
Planning Your Destination FACE™ Visit

Step 1: Get Started, Book Your Virtual Consultation

  • Click here to print patient forms. Complete both forms.
  • Email your forms and photos
    • Send forms to [email protected].
    • If you prefer to fax them, please email us your request. Please list all and any specific concerns.
  • Send photos to [email protected]. All photos should be taken with your face and neck in relaxed position with no facial expressions and eyes relaxed. Your head and eyes should be facing straight with no neck flexion or extension. It is recommended that you remove all jewelry, make-up and keep hair away from the face when taking photos. Please include all 5 photo views:
    • Front face view
    • Profile view of right and left sides
    • 3/4 (45 degree angle) view from right and left angles
  • Upon receipt of your completed forms and photos, we will contact you to schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Mandal. Please be sure to include a reliable email address where we can reach you. Please note that there is a $150 virtual consultation fee that will be collected at the time of booking your appointment. If you are paying by credit card, please print and complete the credit card authorization form and email or fax it to us at the same time as your new patient paperwork.

Step 2: Schedule Your Procedure and Fly In

Book your procedure.

  • Once you decide to move forward and book your procedure, we will collect a nonrefundable deposit, before scheduling, and send you your paperwork including pre- and post-treatment instructions so that you can prepare for your procedure.
  • For non-surgical treatments, it is possible to have your in-person consultation and treatment on the same day.
  • For surgery, the in-person consultation is scheduled in advance of the day of surgery.
  • All pre-operative bloodwork and/or other testing must be done in the United States within 30 days of your procedure. All COVID testing must be done within 5 days of your procedure.

We can also assist you with flight, hotel and transportation advice.

Step 3: Recovery and Follow-Up Care

  • Dr. Mandal will give her approval once’s it is safe for you to return home.
  • Recovery: We will assist you in finding the appropriate surgeon closer to home for any follow-up care.
Destination FACE™ Itinerary

Same Day Procedures: When your in-person consultation is scheduled with a treatment to follow the same day.

Next Day Procedures: When your in-person consultation is followed by your treatment the next day.

Mini-Rejuvenation Vacation

  • Long Weekend Rejuvenation: When your in-person consultation is Thursday or Friday followed by treatment on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Extended Stay Rejuvenation: A week or more gives you more time to visit us, recuperate and experience the palm beaches.
Why The Palm Beaches

The Palm Beaches, famous for being a warm weather winter getaway, are located in southeast Florida and comprise 39 towns and cities. Welcoming guests for 125 years, the Palm Beaches are world renowned for affluent locations such as the island of Palm Beach, Jupiter island and Boca Raton. The Palm Beaches usually clear out by the beginning of May, making Memorial Day through Labor Day the perfect time to visit if you’re not fond of the see-and-be-seen scene. Fewer visitors also means less crowded beaches, more parking spaces and seasonal packages at the region’s best hotels.

As a gentler side of Florida, the white sand beaches and gulf-stream waters allow for less humid days and cleaner sands with fewer crowds. The Palm Beaches with their historic luxury, offer a diversity of experiences, including world renowned sports events, 160 golf courses, spas, alfresco dining, cultural venues, shopping and award winning parks. Water lovers can rejoice across 125 miles of peaceful waterways.

Palm Beach Island

As one of the most glamorous and storied resort towns, and less than 30 minutes from Dr. Mandal’s office, the island of Palm Beach is home to legendary hotels, exquisite mega-mansions, shiny sport cars and historic landmarks, including Henry Flagler’s former residence, now the Flagler Museum. Lined with stately palm trees, the shopping nirvana of Worth Avenue is known worldwide. Palm Beach Island’s Gilded Age architecture captivates, as do chic restaurants and a winter highlight, the Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival. Palm Beach has a way of making any visitor feel privileged.

Palm Beach Gardens
Palm Beach Gardens
Where To Stay

Elite and Premium experiences are available.

Elite Experience

For patients who desire the ultimate experience in unapologetic luxury, the Palm Beaches offer these 5 star resort hotels. Should you choose to stay on the Island of Palm Beach, it is less than half an hour from Dr. Mandal’s office.

Palm Beach Gardens


The Palm Beaches are served by 3 international airports that collectively offer nearly 2,000 daily flights. Nationally recognized as one of the nation’s most easy-to-navigate and stress-free airports, the Palm Beach International (PBI) Airport is conveniently located less than 20 minutes from Dr. Mandal’s office in Palm Beach Gardens and just 2.5 miles from downtown West Palm Beach.

FL Airport

West Palm Beach: Palm Beach International (PBI) Airport – 17 minutes from Dr. Mandal’s office.

Fort Lauderdale: Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) – 60 minutes from Dr. Mandal’s office.

Miami: Miami International Airport – 90 minutes from Dr. Mandal’s office.

Transportation from the airport is available through Uber, taxi, private car/limosine which can be arranged by your hotel concierge. Some hotels also offer group shuttles. Car rentals are available at each of the 3 airports. Florida’s first high-speed rail train with first class seating options, Virgin Trains USA (formerly Brightline), connects Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, with its West Palm Beach station conveniently located less than a mile from the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

Charter A Yacht For Your Stay and Recuperate In Luxury

Palm Beach Gardens

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