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Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty) Palm Beach Gardens

Most of us don’t want to be noticed for our ears. Some people have ears that protrude too far away from the sides of the head. Others have an outer ear shape, specifically of the ear fold, with a flattened, abnormal appearance or pointy ears. If you have one or more of these concerns, you may be a candidate for otoplasty, also known as “ear pinning”. Otoplasty is a procedure in which the outer ear is reshaped and repositioned closer to the head to create a more normal shape and proportionate appearance to the outer ear. Ear abnormalities can vary depending on the individual and the ears can also be asymmetric.

Ear Surgery

Otoplasty is an outpatient procedure that Dr. Mandal performs in her office surgical suite in about 1½ hours under “twilight” or local anesthesia. She hides the incisions behind the ear. She them reshapes the outer ear cartilages and places sutures to bring the ears closer to the head and secures them into their new position. Sometimes, she also removes excess or bunching skin behind the ears. Since each person has unique anatomy, Dr. Mandal tailors otoplasty to her patients’ specific needs.

Recovery & Results

After otoplasty. the patient’s head and ears are wrapped with a dressing for the first few days. To help the ears heal in the new shape and position, patients are instructed to wear a special headband for several weeks, especially while sleeping. Discomfort, pain, and swelling typically resolve quickly. Sutures are removed at about 1 week and the incisions are not typically noticeable once healed.

High Patient Satisfaction

While the improvements that patients gain from otoplasty are subtle, these changes can dramatically enhance one’s appearance and self-confidence. Otoplasty patients are often the most grateful and satisfied cosmetic surgery patients. While otoplasty is preferably recommended at an early age to avoid the negative impact on a child’s confidence and self-esteem, most patients undergoing otoplasty in Dr. Mandal’s office are adults who never had the chance to have surgery when younger.

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