• Dr. Anita Mandal, M.D.

    Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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Chin/Cheek Implants Palm Beach Gardens

Dr. Anita Mandal understands that a subtle change can make an impressive improvement. She uses facial implants to create higher and fuller cheekbones or improve a receding chin, giving the entire face more balance and definition. Women and men seek consultation and treatment with Dr. Anita Mandal for chin and cheek implants in Palm Beach Gardens for natural-looking facial re-contouring.

Dr. Mandal encourages you to request a facial consultation online or call 561.238.0040 to meet with her, learn about facial implants, and establish realistic expectations. Be sure to view her photo gallery online to see the improvements she has made with facial cosmetic surgery.

Balancing Your Facial Features

Facial implants, made from permanent synthetic materials, can be used to define and enhance specific areas of the face. Chin implants are the most popular facial implants requested at our Palm Beach Gardens office. If you have a receding chin on profile view or a weak jaw line on the frontal view, you may be a candidate for chin augmentation.Also, as you age, a weak chin can make your jowls appear more prominent and, in some cases, give the appearance that your face is continuous with the neck, sometimes referred to as the “turkey neck”. A chin implant can strengthen the jaw line, lessen the appearance of sagging jowls and improve definition of the neck line, resulting in more youthful facial contours.

For some patients, Dr. Mandal might recommend using a facial filler to restore or supplement facial volume, instead of using facial implants. She can also use facial implants to complement other facial cosmetic surgery procedures such as nose surgery to give the face overall balance. Dr. Mandal customizes each procedure to the individual needs of her patient for improvements that are attractive, yet natural looking.

Facial Implant Surgery

Dr. Mandal performs facial implant surgery as an outpatient procedure while the patient is under “twilight” anesthesia. Chin implants, which are inserted through small well hidden incisions, are positioned directly over the jaw bone. Over time, your body’s own tissues grow around the implant to envelope it and anchor it in place. After surgery there are no postoperative dressings. Swelling and bruising usually resolve in 7 to 10 days.

She’ll Show You the Way

Dr. Mandal understands that your facial enhancement should be as unique as you are. To discover your options, request a facial consultation online or call 561.238.0040. During the consultation, Dr. Mandal strives to educate you on your options, rather than simply convince you to have surgery. Patients visit her from throughout Palm Beach County, across Florida, and a range of national and international locations.