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Can I Do One Syringe of Bellafill At A Time?

Question: I am 62 and have been using Restylane and Juvederm in my cheeks and nasolabial smile lines for 6 years. My filler is nearly gone and I want to switch to Bellafill because it lasts 5 years. Can I do only one syringe at a time?

Answer: I utilize the principle of adequate correction when recommending Bellafill. If you don’t use the correct amount of filler, not only are you less likely to get full correction, but also the filler won’t last as long as expected.

The rule of adequate correction applies to Bellafill as well as temporary fillers. I don’t usually perform one syringe of Bellafill at a time. I typically recommend the total number of syringes that a patient needs in order to achieve adequate correction. In some cases, I will break the treatment up into more than one session, performing about 70 percent of the recommended amount at a first session followed by injection of the remaining 30% at a second session. This conservative approach can give the most accurate, yet natural looking results for some patients.

The majority of patients over the age of 50 require more than one syringe per cheek due to the increased volume loss with age. It is not uncommon to use 2 to 2.5 syringes per cheek and 1 to 1.5 syringes in each nasolabial fold in order to achieve adequate correction that also looks natural.

The older you are, the more aging your face experiences and the more filler one needs to restore volume loss. While some may be concerned about having multiple syringes of Bellafill at once, it is important to recognize that 1 syringe is 1/5 of a teaspoon with 5 syringes equaling one teaspoon. To put 5 syringes into the right and left cheeks means injection of half a teaspoon into each cheek.

Of course, each patient is different and ages differently. While some may only need 3 syringes between both cheeks, others require 5 or 6 syringes depending the degree of volume loss. When 3, 4 or 6 syringes are needed, having one syringe injected at a time will likely result in the Bellafill lasting well under 5 years with suboptimal improvement. It is always advisable to use the correct amount of Bellafill to achieve adequate correction for a satisfying and natural looking result.

A thorough consultation with a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who is experienced in the full spectrum of surgical and minimal invasive facial rejuvenation techniques is the first step. Superior technical skill, sound judgement and an artistic eye are equally important. In considering Bellafill, seeking a BellaDiamond injector in the top 1% of Bellafill injectors in the world should also be given strong consideration.

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