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Does Bellafill Really Last 5 Years?

Question: I’m in my mid 50’s and have been getting Juvederm for my nasolabial smile lines for years. I’m happy with it, but now my cheeks are starting to hollow. My doctor says I need 3 times more filler in my cheeks which are a larger area than the smiles lines. A one year filler like Juvederm will be too costly maintenance. I know Bellafill is more expensive than Juvederm, but if it’s that long lasting, it would be worth paying more. Does Bellafill really last 5 years?

Answer: The claims of temporary fillers like Radiesse, Restylane and Juvederm lasting one year are not quite accurate. Nearly half of a temporary fillers can be gone in 6-8 months. In contrast, FDA clinical trials showed that with Bellafill, the 5-year filler, over 80 percent of patients were still satisfied with results, even 5 years after initial Bellafill treatment.
While it’s true that Bellafill is more expensive than temporary fillers, it has shown itself to be a worthwhile long-term investment. In fact, many of my patients who are more than 5 years out from their Bellafill treatment say all of their Bellafill hasn’t gone away. This observation is further confirmed by research studies that have shown that the collagen laid down by Bellafill stimulation is still present in the tissues even up to 10 years after initial injection.

In my practice, I most commonly use Bellafill for hollow cheeks and temples, deep nasolabial smile lines, sagging mouth corners or “puppet lines”, droopy outer brows, very deep frown lines, eyelid hollows, deep chin grooves as well as aging hands with volume loss.

Like temporary fillers, Bellafill has a very high safety profile. Unlike temporary fillers which can significantly dissipate in 6-9 months, the results of Bellafill can start to look even better 6 to 9 months later due to it’s continued collagen stimulation.

It is a faulty perception that one should use a non-surgeon for minimal invasive treatments and a surgeon only for surgery. A comprehensive treatment approach from a qualified specialist can optimize your rejuvenation results and significantly reduce your risk of complications. Seeking a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who thoroughly understands facial anatomy and is skilled in both surgical as well as minimal invasive procedures is the first step in determining if you are a candidate for Bellafill, the 5-year filler.

Dr. Anita Mandal is a double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon practicing since 1998. She exclusively specializes in facial rejuvenation and non-invasive body contouring. In addition to being on the medical staff at Jupiter Medical Center, her offices house both surgical and laser suites. Dr. Mandal is committed to giving her patients the most natural looking results.