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Treatment of Droopy Eyes

Question: I’m approaching 60 and my eyes look droopy. People say I look tired or sad. I don’t mind looking my age but want to look rested and refreshed. What are my  treatment options?

Answer: Several causes of aging can make the eyes “droopy looking.”
These include:
● Loose skin of the upper or lower eyelids
● Protruding fat from the upper or lower eyelids
● Sagging eyebrows
● Volume loss in the temple
● Volume loss of the eye socket
● Wrinkles around or between the eyes

If you have loose skin or excess fat of the eyelids, minimal incision-surgery with a procedure called blepharoplasty can safely be performed under local anesthesia.

With age, our eyebrows sag due to gravity. Neurotoxin treatment with Jeuveau, Dysport, Botox cosmetic or Xeomin can lift a droopy brow. A surgical brow lift can improve heavier sagging but does not help eyelid wrinkles. Brow lifts are more effective in lifting the inner and middle eyebrow, but less so in the outer brow. Neurotoxin treatment of the crows feet can lift the outer brow. Infini RF can also lift sagging brows especially when combined with neurotoxin.

Many patients don’t realize that a sagging outer brow can be due to hollow temples, giving the eyes a sad, downturned look. Injecting filler in the temple can raise the outer brow for a more awake, refreshed appearance. Options include Bellafill, the 5-year filler, as well as Juvéderm and Restylane Refyne or Defyne. Under eye hollows can also give a tired or sad look and are treatable with filler.

Aging concerns are rarely due to a single cause. By one’s 50’s and 60’s, combination treatments for multiple causes are often needed.
A comprehensive treatment approach from the right specialist can optimize your rejuvenation results. It is a faulty perception that one should use a non-surgeon for minimal invasive treatments and a surgeon only for surgery. Seeking a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who thoroughly understands facial anatomy and is skilled in both surgical and minimal invasive procedures is the first step. 

Dr. Anita Mandal is a double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon practicing since 1998. She exclusively specializes in facial rejuvenation and non-invasive body contouring. In addition to being on the medical staff at Jupiter Medical Center, her offices house both surgical and laser suites. Dr. Mandal is committed to giving her patients the most natural looking results.